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The Half Marathon route will once more be through the streets of Sheffield City centre with minor modifications to take into account some of the reconstruction projects taking place in Sheffield.

Prizes for Club teams
This year there will be prizes for the winning athletic club teams. Teams of four for men and three for women will score.

Team Challenge
Groups from non-athlete organisations can form teams of 4 (best 3 times to count). Trophies for corporate teams and non-corporate teams to be awarded.

Time Limit
The sweep bus will follow the race at a speed which is timed to finish the course in 3 hours. If it passes you then you will be invited to retire from the race. After the bus passes, the route will re-open to traffic and we are required to dismantle all feed stations and route signs and course marshals will disperse.

Training Schedules
A series of training schedules for Half Marathon runners have been developed by Fitness Unlimited. These can be accessed by clicking on the logo below :

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